Featured KRK User SAE

SAE was originally founded in 1976 in Australia by Dr. Tom Misner. Since that time it has expanded troughout the world with 52 campuses. SAE offers education in the field of audio engineering, film making, multimedia and game design, ranging from 3 month certificate programs up to full 3 year bac...

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Chestnut Studios (London) Chris Young

Chris Young of London-based Chestnut Studios is an experienced producer and engineer who has worked in recording studios around the world, with artists of many musical genres. He began his musical apprenticeship as a five-year-old child playing classical and pop music on keyboards and trombone, b...

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About Us

Our main goal is prosperity growth through continuous human resource and technology development in order to increase our service standards. To achieve our goal, we are striving to be trusted partner to our clients.


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