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MIPRO MA-708 portable wireless PA system wins Taiwan Excellence Award

MIPRO MA-708 portable wireless PA system wins Taiwan Excellence Award

MIPRO, the Taiwan market leader in wireless public address systems, is pleased to announce that the MA-708 portable PA system has won Taiwan Excellence Award. Taiwan Excellence is the highest accolade awarded to the products that encapsulate “innovation values”. “R&D,” “Design,” “Quality,” “Marketing,” and “Made in Taiwan” were determined as the five categories by which “Taiwan Excellence” candidates are judged.

MIPRO MA-708 portable wireless PA sound system delivers unparalleled audio performance. The rugged one-piece speaker cabinet houses a class-D amplifier that drives two-way loudspeakers. Powerful and clear sound quality offers an ideal public address solution for medium to large crowds.

The MA-708 follows the principles of user-oriented design and extreme flexibility. It integrates wireless microphone system, mixer, speakers, CD, USB and Bluetooth players for audio playback. It accepts up to 4 plug & play receivers for easy installation and replacement. Easy and fast channel set-up via one-touch ‘Scan & ACT’ sync button. The ACT 32HR microphone designed with a built-in volume control can remotely control the level of master volume of the sound system from a distance.

The MA-708 is portable, mobile and easy transport. Industry’s first retractable handle and sturdy wheels makes it to be transported more easily. It even includes a storage compartment for two handheld or beltpack transmitters. The environmental lithium rechargeable battery decreases the weight and offers minimum 7 hours of standby time for indoor or outdoor use even when main electric power is not available. The MA-708 is a user-friendly and wonderful companion for the users and brings carefree amplification experience.


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